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Lyme Disease on Farms in Ireland

Lyme disease also known as Lyme borreliosis is a contagious disorder brought about by various species of bacteria. This is a common disease spread about by ticks from the Genus Borrelia species of bacteria that infect human beings by a bite.

The characteristics of this disease are: fever, head pains, tiredness, dejection and skin irritations known as erythema migrans. These may not be fatal but if left unattended might cause a breakdown in the central nervous system and the heart and joints may also be affected. In the early detection of the illness antibiotics may prove to be useful in eliminating the symptoms and treating the disease but if left untreated for a long period of time the illness can be debilitating and treatment may took a long time.

The early symptom is a round spread out of skin irritations that happens days after the tick bite. The skin irritation is reddish and warm to the touch but may not be accompanied by pain. The sufferer may also experience a bout of flu-like signs including fever, headache, fatigue and muscle ache. However, even if this symptom does not show up it is not a guarantee that the patient is free from the disease.

The bacteria-causing this disease may very well be present anywhere at home or even in the working place. So a worker must be alert to avoid bites from these hard ticks. Protective outfits and gears in the work area are highly suggested to keep away hard ticks. Pertmethrin spray can also help in the elimination of these ticks. People who are fond of domesticated animals like dogs and cats should make sure that their pets are not infected with these hard ticks to avoid infection.

As much as possible try to avoid tick-infected areas to avoid Lyme Disease. Monitor your pets to safeguard them against the attack of ticks. Maintain the cleanliness of your homes as well as your working area to get rid of tick infestations. This disease may not be as serious as it seems but the discomfort it would bring especially when you want to scratch the affected area may not be good for you. You might just be spreading the infection with your hands.

This disease can be a little uncomfortable especially when one is in the working place. Upon the detection of the disease a worker may fill up the work accident book provided by the company. This work accident book contains the history of the disease while at the working area. The company can use this to assess the damage to the employee and to make precautionary measures to prevent the widespread of the disease. Every company is required by the law to keep this work accident book for the employer and employee benefit.

Lyme Disease is a skin irritation that needs special care and cleanliness, Make sure that you get proper medication for the itch and prevent it from spreading out. You might mistake it for flu at first but when the skin patches appear, it is a sign of the disease. You will of course still need to visit medical professionals to be completely sure.

HSA Investigate Death of Boy in Farming Accident

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and Garda have begun separate investigations into the death of a boy in a farming accident in west Cork.

14-year-old Ciaran Casey from Collatrum, Church Cross, near Skibbereen is believed to have been killed when he became trapped between a digger and a wall while bringing cows into a shed.

HSA inspectors are on site and have begun their investigations into the accident.