How do you get Dioxin Poisoning at work?

One of the many dangers that can happen inside the workplace is dioxin poisoning. Dioxin is the term used to describe a group of various chemicals which have similar biological characteristics. There are over a hundred types of such chemicals in existence and they can be categorized according to group. There are the chlorinated dibenzofurans or the CDFs, the polychlorinated iphenyls or PCBs and the Chlorinated dibenzo dioxins or CDDs. The CDDs and the CDFs are manufactured in industrial company and they are often used for bleaching purposes, especially in drinking water plants and paper mills. CDDs and the other chemicals can be produced during the manufacture of other types of chemicals, such as cleansing compounds or pesticides. Burning materials like oil, coal or wood burned in incinerators can also create dioxins.

In terms of PCBs, they are created through lubricants and coolants. When such chemicals are added in mining machinery or heating equipment, they will be exhausted as dioxin. In terms of natural occurrences, dioxin is created from volcanic eruption or forest fire.

When does Dioxin Poisoning occur in the workplace?

Dioxin poisoning occurs when an employee breathes contaminated materials, like dust, and then ingests it to their system. Poisoning can also occur when a person comes into skin contact with a dangerous chemical. In most companies, they create chemicals, like pesticides, which can be dangerous to employees. Workers in recycling areas are also exposed to other chemicals like copper and aluminum. Such materials have small remains which can be accidentally inhaled by the workers. Workers can also be injured because of the small particles and the injuries can cause poisoning.

In extreme jobs, dioxin poisoning can also occur. For instance, fire fighters are often exposed to dioxin when they are extinguishing fires. That is why firefighters are required to wear oxygen masks while in serious situations. Employees are also required to use protective clothing especially when handling chemicals and wastes. If there are dioxins found in the workplace, like in landsite or in water areas, then it is important to stay away from such areas. Employees are often protected by dioxin poisoning insurance and compensation claim once they are exposed to such dangers.

Symptoms of Dioxin Poisoning

Symptoms of dioxin exposure include vomiting, nausea and abdominal pains. In a couple of hours, prolonged exposure will result to a skin condition known as chloracne. This skin disease is characterized as skin lesions, discolorations and rashes in the body. There will also be hormonal and metabolic changes which can result to kidney failure. In certain studies, dioxin is found to be a causative agent of cancer and male infertility. This is because dioxin can be inside the body for a long time and this prolonged exposure can have significant effects in a person’s health. Tests are needed in order to check if the person is affected by dioxin and as to what level the poisoning is. The tests are based on blood checks and employee history. If exposed to dioxin, seek medical attention immediately.

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