Car Accident Victim Receives Compensation for Injury

A rescue and recovery driver who broke his wrist after being hit by a car at a junction has received an undisclosed sum as compensation for his injury.

In November 2010, John Agius (62) was cycling along the High Street in Benfleet, Essex, when a car struck him down while emerging from a road junction. John was thrown onto the car’s bonnet, and broke his wrist due to the force of the impact.

John was immediately transported to hospital where emergency surgery was performed on his wrist. Several months after the accident occurred, John was informed by medical professionals that the bones in his wrist were not fusing as they should and that he would need to undergo a second operation to correct this.

In an attempt to encourage the bones in John’s wrist to fuse together, doctors inserted a bone graft from John’s hip into his wrist during the second surgery. This measure was not entirely successful and half a year after the accident occurred, John underwent a third surgery to attend to the numbness that he had started to notice in his hand.

Despite the three operations, John is still unable to lift heavy weights with his left hand and often requires assistance for basic tasks both at work and at home. John had to take six months off his job as a rescue and recovery driver due to his injury. John admits that he is now wary of riding his bicycle again and conscious that he will never fully regain the strength in his left hand.

John sought legal counsel, and made a claim for compensation for being hit by a car at a junction. The driver of the car denied liability for John’s accident, stating that John had been negligent himself and partially responsible for his injuries.

After some time negotiating between the two parties, an undisclosed settlement of compensation for being hit by a car at a junction was negotiated. It is believed that this settlement is the full amount initially claimed by John.